Welcome to our community!

NEW!  We are proud to launch our new video, and invite you to join us in our important work.

We reach into our communities, working hand-in-hand with those we serve, responding to the heartbeat of their daily realities: their struggles and their aspirations.

We reach out into systems, extending our practice beyond one sector in order to mediate transformation and change for the better.

We help others find a voice and be advocates for their own health. Fostering the growth and blossoming of families and communities we work with.

And together, we are a bridge. Between cultures, economic realities, and disparities. Building better communities where there is equitable access and real caring.

What have we learned? How do we work? What changes have we seen?

Explore our website and learn more about our families, our communities and our efforts. Our journey is of no worth unless it’s a shared one. Join us today!

The Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative