Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op (MCHB) began 24 years ago to support Edmonton’s newcomers. The goal was to enhance the health and well-being of families, and foster their efforts at building community so they could thrive, and actively contribute to society. Our cultural brokers are from immigrant communities, and know first hand the social, economic, and language difficulties that immigrants and refugees face. This places us in a unique position to bridge the gap between newcomer families and Canadian society.

After the initial settlement period, it is the medium and long-term adjustment that is critical for immigrant and refugee integration.  MCHB helps this process through our various programs, from peri-natal health, to youth initiatives to seniors outreach. MCHB:

  • Supports 16% of all births in the Edmonton region
  • Serves 23 cultural/language communities
  • Offers inter-cultural competency trainings for government organizations, service providers, and companies
  • Supports culturally-responsive practice and policy development in government and community organizations
  • Focuses on prevention, and broad determinants of health
  • Offers holistic supports – working with families in a manner that respects their individual strengths, challenges and circumstances.

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The Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative