About Us

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta,  MCHB is a group of 75 Multicultural Health Brokers.  Many of us started as volunteers in our communities and were identified as natural leaders, and were brought in as a paid capacity as Brokers with the Co-operative.

We represent 25 different cultural and linguistic communities in Edmonton, including the following: Afghani, Arabic-speaking, Bhutanese, Chinese, English-speaking African, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Filipino, Former Yugoslavian, French-Speaking African, Iraqi, Karen, Korean, Kurdish, Iraqi, Iranian, Nepalese, Oromo,  Romanian, Russian, Spanish-speaking, Somali, South Asian, Sudanese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

We serve over 2,000 families a year in Edmonton and area, and this number is growing every year.

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What does “Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative” mean?


We all came from somewhere and have unique cultures.  As Brokers, our own cultures reflect the 25 communities we work with.  Many of the families are new to Canada, and need support to bridge between their own knowledge from their home country and Canada’s health, social services, education, justice, immigration and employment support systems.

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We have a holistic approach towards health, and we honour the families and work with them as long as they need us.


We believe in the strength and aspirations of families and communities, and as Brokers we build bridges between people and systems.


We are a worker co-operative.  This means MCHB is owned and controlled by all our Brokers.  We believe in the values of mutual care, self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.


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We are looking to collaborate with partner organizations, volunteers and other supporters. If you want to help us to make change, please email us today. We will be in contact with you shortly.

Watch our video to find out more about the Multicultural Health Brokers.