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Afghani Multicultural Heath Broker – (Full Time)

We are seeking Multicultural Health Brokers who speak Dari and Pashto to work among the diverse Afghani community in Edmonton.

The role of this Broker will be to provide the appropriate parenting, health, and holistic family support to Afghani communities – families and children in crisis, facing complex life circumstances without key supports. The support that a Broker provides includes building one-on-one relationship with clients, walking side by side with them as they navigate through individual challenges – whether it’s health, housing, economic, or relational challenges.  There are also elements of advocacy for clients and community in general expected for the position holder.


Who are you?

Working as a Cultural Broker is both challenging and very rewarding work.  It requires a warm heart, a clear mind and a deep willingness to learn not just new skills, but about yourself and others.  To be able to flourish in the work, you will need to be able to tolerate uncertainty, ambiguity, and what might feel like chaos at times.  These are some of the qualities you need to have:

  • You are able to relate to and honour multiple perspectives and ways of seeing the world and you are not afraid of having your own beliefs and values challenged.
  • You love to reflect on your work and yourself, able to share your strengths and limitations, successes and mistakes openly with your colleagues.
  • You allow yourself to be vulnerable at times and you are not afraid of asking for guidance.
  • You have a maturity and ease that enables you to relate to many different kinds of people without forming quick judgments or needing instant solutions.  When you work with individuals, you are able to be empathetic without taking sides, continuing to hold the well-being of the family/community that they are a part of central.  Capable of recognizing the deeper meaning and reason for what is being said as well as not said.
  • You are able to work with complex situations that have no easy quick answers without getting easily frustrated or over-whelmed. You can take joy in small changes and improvements or simply in establishing a trusting supportive relationship with another.
  • You are able to think creatively and find solutions that are sometimes out of the box. You’re able take initiative and trust yourself to work without rigid guidelines.  You value the spirit of a guideline rather than applying guidelines rigidly.You know that caring for yourself is important and you are committed to finding ways of establishing health on many levels in you – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Ideally you would have the following knowledge or qualifications:

  •  Some training in or knowledge of holistic family support and casework.
  • Familiarity with the issues facing immigrant and refugee children, youths, and families.
  • Knowledge of local health and social services, including our child welfare system.
  • Intimate knowledge of the Afghani community in Edmonton.
  • The ability to speak Dari and Pashto.
  • The ability to speak and write fluent English.


What will you do?

Brokering work is varied and you will be working in many different environments and contexts.  You can expect to be surprised and challenged daily.  Here are some aspects to the work:

  • Responding quickly to referrals for cultural brokering and holistic family support. This will involve doing home visits to the family communicating directly and in person with all family members, especially parents.
  • Providing bicultural parenting education and assistance.
  • Connecting the families to needed resources and services within Edmonton; these will cover the full range, from services that meet the basic needs to those that enrich the functioning of the family.
  • Organizing and facilitating groups for parents wanting peer support and the chance to learn from each other.
  • Working with counseling colleagues to provide emotional and mental support to families
  • Providing advocacy and individualized assistance to those families in contact with a Child and Family Services (CFS) social worker.
  • Entering information into our client data system (CASIS) in a timely manner.

Participating in the life of the Cooperative by attending monthly team and Cooperative meetings, working with other Brokers as a valued team member, and growing in your capacity for this work with the professional development opportunities that will be provided.

What will we do for you?

A few of the most common things that people who work for the Co-op say is that they feel accepted for who they are, that they feel trusted and able to find their own way to work creatively and that they love the sense of personal growth in the work.

We actively foster a work environment that is caring, egalitarian in tone, and respectful of your creative energy.  We also believe in on-going professional development and gathering together in ways that fosters support and learning from each other. The annual income for a full time position would be between $37,800 and $45,000 per year, depending on your experience.


What are the next steps? 

Please send us a resume that tells us about you and how your experience fits in with what we’re looking for in a broker.  Submit your resume to Judy (  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Yvonne Chiu or Judy Sillito They can also be reached by phone at (780) 423-1973.