Edmonton Living Rooms

May update: Learn about the Edmonton Living Rooms heroes

Learn about some of the amazing people behind the Edmonton Living Rooms exhibits.  Click here to read the story on the Edmonton Heritage Council website.

About Edmonton Living Rooms

In 2016 the Edmonton Heritage Council worked with the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative to bring together seven invisible communities of Edmonton, including the Bhutanese, Cambodian, Eritrean, Iraqi, Kurdish, Sierra Leone, and Sudanese. These communities gathered monthly to engage in a journey on narrative growth through sharing various elements of their lives from home, learning, medicine, to artistic expression, justice and migration. Leaders from these communities desired an opportunity to exchange these stories and experiences with fellow Canadians. After months of dedicated effort, this dream became an unfolding reality. In November 2016, the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative was awarded the federal Canada 150 Grant. As a result, the communities have agreed to make 2017 the year of sharing ‘life’ together with Canadians, in beautifully crafted living rooms.

Natural Leaders, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative

Natural Leaders, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative

Edmonton Living Rooms celebrates the unfolding story of Canada. It is intended to reveal and celebrate the cultural capital that a multitude of populations have brought through their active presence in our country, as well as express communities’ sense of citizenry. It is an effort to transform what is presently intangible and invisible, into a vibrant visible exposure of exceptional Canadians that are, and have been, an intrinsic part of creating this country’s evolving historical identity. Ultimately, it is a pursuit of equal exchange of humanity in Canada; where elements such as home and learning, healing and justice, all of which are experienced in one way or another in our lives, can step out of hidden shells to the forefront of our crossing intersections. We all have stories to share. We all have the very ingredients needed to participate in “heart work,” to collectively weave a stronger fabric in our country.

The exhibits shall provide an opportunity to invite Canadians to actively participate and share in past experiences, hopes and dreams. Youth and Elders will be present in storytelling, interactive displays will allow for active participation of attendees engaging life’s borderless themes. Preschoolers and young children shall have spaces to contribute and learn. This endeavour will be an expanding interdisciplinary sharing inspired by components of museum methodology. Interactive migratory maps shall offer individuals and communities to market their arrival in Canada, evening dialogue series will allow for in-person sharing circles, a chance to step into shared human vulnerability. There shall be ample opportunities to leave comments, scribe thoughts and ideas, and scribble or craft expressions of story. This exhibit is an expression completely co-created by the communities involved and relies on meaningful relationships between museum practices and honouring community story and truth.