Meet our Health Brokers!

Our Health Brokers work tirelessly to provide professional dedicated service with compassion and understanding.  We hope you enjoy getting to know Irene Dormitorio of MCHB.

Irene1Irene is involved in the child care team, perinatal support, the Edmonton public school partnership.  She is also a part of the cultural competency training team and is a  co-op board member. Her first involvement with the co-op was as a client, receiving support from the Health for Two program in 2001.  From there she  became a volunteer whilst she was having her babies  and then she was offered a few hours for brokering.  It was when her auntie Stella retired as a broker that she took on a fuller role as a broker. She’s been with the co-op ever since.


What she loves about her work with MCHB

  • Her first hand experience of being an immigrant, a care-giver, sponsoring her husband, having to leave her daughter back home, and raising her children in Canada without family support mirrors the experience of many in her community – she loves to support others going through the same.
  • She particularly  loves supporting women during their labor.  She doesn’t mind being called any time of the day and night to support a birth.

Languages Irene speaks


Irene was born in Philippines and came to Canada in 1993.  She is married and mother of four children.  She enjoys Hip Hop and Tai Kwon Do with family.