Julio Munhoz – Artist in Residence

Julio Munhoz

MCHB hosts “Artist in Residence” Canadian-Brazilian filmmaker Julio Munhoz 

From May to November 2016, with the support of the Edmonton Arts Councils, Chronopia Communications, and the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, the MCHB Co-op hosted Canadian-Brazilian filmmaker Julio Munhoz during his “Artist in Residence Program”.   We are pleased to announce he will be continuing to work with us until July, 2017.

Along with developing his own creative work,  Julio has put on workshops and classes for many of us within MCHB to help us to develop basic film capacity within our organization. As a result several short thoughtful films were developed.  This summer he will be presenting another round of workshops to help us create films focused on women’s leadership and the changes that come from it.

Julio Munhoz is a film director and producer with a keen interest in documentaries and art films, directing, producing and creating independent film and television projects. He studied film at FAAP University, Faculty of Communication, São Paulo, Brazil; physics and geography at UFRGS University, Brazil; and holds a bachelor of General Studies in Arts and Sciences through Athabasca University, Canada. Julio has written and directed documentary, animation, drama, and corporate films, some of which have been awarded and exhibited in film festivals such as Gramado International Film Festival (Brazil), Amiens Film Festival (France), Tokyo Video Festival (Japan), and Faro International Film Festival (Portugal). He also dedicates time to film education, creating and coordinating film courses to film education organizations.

More information: www.chronopia.ca