Intercultural Competency Training

“Organizations are acknowledging that there is quite a diverse community and that they are looking to support their staff, want to know more and do things better. Big aha moment!”

– Workshop Participant

We design tailor-made meaningful workshops and training opportunities for organizations to gain awareness and skills about culturally responsive practice and collaboration.

Our workshops and longer training sessions go in-depth to create awareness, knowledge, and skills by bridging the organizational and cultural realities of service providers and ethnocultural communities.

We have provided training for Child Welfare Workers and Foster Parents; Public Health Nurses; Social Workers; Child and Youth Workers; adult literacy facilitators and early learning and care workers. We work with federal, provincial and municipal agencies, school boards, health and not-for-profit organizations.

We have expanded our work by partnering with Alberta Council for Disability Services (ACDS), and created an organizational diversity training manual for ACDS that is specifically designed for the community disability sector.

“We hope that when organizations learn skills to be culturally competent, there is an increase in access to services to those most vulnerable.”

– Lucenia, Multicultural Health Broker