Culturally Responsive Home Visitation

Families who have their first child in Canada can be unfamiliar with the systems and struggle with multiple stressors. We are responsive to the needs of these vulnerable families through regular, once-a-week home visits from our Brokers. We support families with early parenting, and help families who require longer term connections by providing sustained services for up to three years. We are trained in early childhood development, model positive parenting, teach families about parenting in Canada, and focus on creating a learning-rich environment for children.

We use intensive home visits to show another way of parenting for parents who are struggling with the system.

– Le Thu, Multicultural Health Broker

Our focus is prevention, and we use intensive support to help families acquire the skills and courage to navigate systems themselves. We foster this caring holistic family engagement by focusing on trusting relationships, and we align with our funders, Early Intervention – Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority, Region 6.