Multicultural Seniors Outreach Program

We partner with the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE) to provide collaborative care and community development initiatives to help break the isolation of seniors in our communities.

“Even if people have been in Canada a long time, there can be difficulties with language.  Seniors often have children who live far away, and they can be alone or lonely.”

– Susana, Multicultural Health Broker

Our individual and family supports enhance seniors’ capacity to access resources and to broaden their social networks through collaborative case management with Sage Social Worker, functional ESL classes, and collective kitchens, urban gardening and other community development projects.

“We cook meals together, bring in special presenters, and go on field trips around Edmonton.  Our ESL classes help seniors with day to day situations, like talking on the phone, or going to the bank.”

– Susana

We facilitate opportunities for immigrant seniors to voice their interests and to influence policy to be advocates for change.  Key policy issues include income security, housing, employment, English learning and transportation.  Our program encourages coalition building and creates networking opportunities across the Province.

This program supports families within the Kurdish, Korean, former Yugoslavian, Spanish-speaking and Eritrean communities, and our funding is from the United Way, and Family and Community Support Services Grant.