Youth Initiatives

“We are almost like a family. We’re very close to each other; we understand each other and know what it’s like for each other. We know we can count on each other.”


We support two Youth programs:

1. The Immigrant Youth and Mental Health Program includes various programs that are youth-directed and driven, places an emphasis on addressing the social components of mental health, and provides culturally appropriate mental health support. We engage community youth leaders, other immigrant and refugee-serving agencies and mental health providers.

We focus on out-of-school academic, cultural, social and recreational activities – including leadership training and activities. This project believes in capacity building of the youth and youth leaders, and provides culturally relevant counseling for youth, parents and families.

Our funding comes from Alberta Health, to address Safe Communities recommendations.

“It made a really big difference for me personally to have been leading this group. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and I discovered abilities I didn’t know I had…”

–Community Youth Leader

2. Youth mentors also nurture youth leadership and skill-building through the arts, music, dance, recreation, sports and social enterprise program in our Multicultural Youth Mentorship and Leadership Program. We nurture community engagement skills, capacity building, sustainability and learning between cultural communities.

We steward youth leaders with five youth groups: Familia Association Alberta, New Youth Edmonton, Canadian Kurdish Friendship Association, Alberta Nasomosan Society and Alliance Jeunesse-Famille de l’Alberta Society. This program is funded by Alberta Justice and Attorney General – Civil Forfeiture Program.