Meet our Health Brokers!

Our Health Brokers work tirelessly to provide professional dedicated service with compassion and understanding.  We hope you enjoy getting to know Sarah Borquez of MCHB.


Sarah Borquez (Right)

As a child birth educator.  She teaches prenatal classes to women and their families in Spanish including a class at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Edmonton. She does home visitation together with a nurse in high-risk pregnancies and help them get to appointments.  She also does post partum supportive work. She focuses on preventative work with families as well as advocacy and community work. Include facilitating a parenting in two cultures group and supporting women’s labour as a registered doula.

Her first step towards that dream was when she met someone from the Changing Together Program – there she learned about a new initiative in Alberta Health to support immigrant women through their pregnancy.  Through this initiative she met Yvonne Chiu and Lorraine Green and other fantastic women from all over the world – and so the coop was conceived!


What she loves about her work with MCHB

She loves the impact she can have and the unity that is created between people in the Spanish-speaking community.  She loves seeing the first smile of a baby. she love seeing the changes in the lives of women in Canada and learning from the people she meets.

Languages Sarah speaks


Sarah was born in Chile, and came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1976. Isolated with no family, no friends, and very little English and financial difficulties, with a child in each arm, in front of a mirror she asked herself how to support her children? It was when she promised herself to find a way to help other immigrant women – “I have to do something for the women coming after me” ~ Sarah.